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“Looking for a rustic, comfortable dwelling with all amenities of home, in a beautiful setting with great views? THIS IS IT. Our family of 7 plus 1 friend (8 total) wanted to see Yosemite on our family vacation. In searching for lodging, we were referred to these owners by another facility that was already booked for our dates. We spoke with both Rick and Annie on several occasions and booked the Half Dome View (HDV) house. Being inside the boundaries of the park is a huge plus, as far as not having to deal with entry traffic, as we were staying for 5 nights. HDV was a great base of operations for our day trips exploring the marvelous diversity of flora, fauna, geology, and beauty of Yosemite. However, my review focuses on the hosts/homeowners. After patiently and completely answering all our questions, both before and after we confirmed and paid for HDV rental, the owners also offered helpful advice on many details of how to make our visit more efficient and enjoyable. The morning after our 3rd night, our party split up for the day, with 3 of us going to Tenaya Lake while the other 5 went hiking to North Dome. We 3 returned early and 30 minutes later were startled by a neighbor banging on the door, informing us that an out-of-control fire was rapidly coming up the mountain behind our house and we might want to pack up some things in case we were ordered to evacuate. We went into hyperdrive, grabbing everything in sight, throwing it in our car. As the afternoon sun on this cloudless day was blacked out by the billowing smoke behind the house, and the exhortations of “We need to go!” from my wife became more frequent and urgent, we jumped in our car and made our exit. In a remarkable “coincidence”, as we approached the roadblock at the main road, we saw our kids, who had arrived there about 3 minutes previously, totally unaware of the situation. All this happened in a 30-45 minute time frame, and as we were exiting the park itself, we received a communication from Annie urgently wanting to know if we were OK. Learning that we were safely outside the park and headed home two days early, she gave us assurances that they would do whatever they could to salvage the things we left behind and refund unused nights. Although they were not allowed to see their house for 6 more days, they kept in contact with us, handling all our concerns. THESE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THEIR RENTERS! THANK YOU SO MUCH, RICK AND ANNIE!”=

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